Acquittal of a Russian miss of theft and fraud

Moscow _ Agencies

Former Miss Russia was acquitted, after being accused of hiring a false court bailiff, to steal property from the luxurious home of her former lover, Sergei Windsor.

Marinika Smirnova, 35, described the investigation as a "trivial joke," after she was acquitted of theft and fraud charges, the British Daily Mail reported.

"I can't believe the police believed this man," Smirnova said. He failed to provide conclusive evidence.

Robin Murray, a 29-year-old friend of Windsor's alleged "conspiracy with her," was acquitted for stealing two MacBook, a TV, an hour, a printer and a voice recorder.

Windsor accuses Smirnova and Murai of stealing valuables from his home in Chelsea, valued at more than £2,000.

Windsor claimed that Murray broke into his house on May 31, 2016, after he gave him documents that he was the Supreme Court's bailiff.

The Semernova is the daughter of Elena Kolsenkova, the Soviet gymnastics champion, and the famous niece of Pierre Smirnoff, whose name was associated with  "Smirnoff ", the trademark of an alcoholic beverage.


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