Large crowds attend the funeral of the martyr Mohamed Hassan in Qusra

 Thousands of citizens mourned in the town of Qasra, southeast of Nablus, today, Wednesday, the body of the martyr Muhammad Farid Ali Hassan (20 years), whose body was handed over to the occupation authorities on Tuesday evening after a month-long detention.
The martyr Hassan died on the third of last July, succumbed to his injuries when the occupation soldiers shot him while he was standing on the roof of his house, during an incursion into the village to secure protection for an extremist group of settlers who were attacking the homes and properties of citizens on the outskirts of the village.
The funeral of the martyr, who wrapped the Palestinian flag, began in front of the Rafidia Governmental Hospital in the city of Nablus, with the participation of a large crowd from the people of his town and its surrounding areas, as well as representatives of official and popular forces and activities.
When the body arrived in the town of his palace, mourners carried it on their shoulders and roamed the streets of the town to reach the house of his family, who cast a final farewell to him, and then he was transferred to the Al-Nourin Mosque, where prayers were held over him before his funeral was buried in the family cemetery.
The funeral ceremonies took place amid an atmosphere of sadness and anger, and amid chants of glorifying the martyrs, praising their sacrifices, and emphasizing the continuation of the struggle against the occupation, while eulogies were delivered praising the virtues of the martyr, denouncing the practices of the occupation and settlers, and stressing national unity and close ranks.


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