Gaza health warns of stopping surgeries due to nitrous gas shortage

The Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip warned today, Wednesday, that all emergency and scheduled surgical operations related to patients in all government hospitals will stop, in light of the severe shortage of nitrous gas in the sector due to the occupation’s prevention of its entry since the beginning of the year. current 2021.

Director General of Administrative Affairs, Mahmoud Hammad, said during a press statement to him, that the available quantities of nitrous gas are only sufficient for the next ten days, indicating that contacts have been made with many international bodies, including the World Health Organization, to introduce nitrous, but the occupation refuses to respond to requests for entry. Gas.

Hammad indicated that the Ministry of Health facilities need 120 nitrous gas cylinders on a monthly basis, each cylinder containing about 27 kg of gas, and that running out of gas means certain death, especially for those who need urgent and emergency surgeries to save their lives.

The official in the Ministry of Health in Gaza appealed to all parties and international organizations to intervene urgently and immediately in order to put pressure on the occupation in order to introduce nitrous gas in a way that would enable the continuation of surgical operations and save the lives of citizens and patients in hospitals.

On a monthly basis, hospitals in the Gaza Strip perform about 5,000 surgeries, ranging from emergency and scheduled operations, cesarean sections and other operations, all of which depend mainly on the availability of nitrous gas.

Also, more than 2 million citizens in the Gaza Strip depend on government health facilities to receive health services and perform surgical operations in light of the continuation of the siege and the consequent rise in poverty rates among the residents of the Strip.


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