Last July, the occupation assaulted 22 journalists and arrested 7 others

The Committee to Support Journalists monitored, in its monthly report on the state of press freedoms, more than (114) violations against media freedoms and journalists, including (61) Israeli violations, and (49) violations by internal Palestinian parties, except for More than (4) cases of violations were recorded by social media companies, in the context of combating Palestinian content and obliterating the crimes of the occupation, last July.

According to the report, the occupation forces and settlers committed a total of (61) violations against media freedoms and press crews, including injuring and targeting (22) journalists who were attacked using rubber-coated metal bullets, sponge bullets, poison gas bombs, sound bombs, and pepper gas. hitting and pushing.

Meanwhile, the occupation forces arrested and detained more than (7) journalists, including Nasir Abu Thabet (later released), journalist Sabreen Diab (she was arrested twice and released), Khaled Al-Zabada (still detained), while they detained Ahmed Balsha and Mashhour. Al-Wahwah, Iyad Al-Hashlamoun and Sari Jaradat.

The occupation courts also extended, issued and confirmed sentences for five journalists, confirming the detention of Bushra al-Taweel and Khaled al-Zabada, while issuing an actual prison sentence against Tariq Abu Zaid (later released) and Hazem Nasser (still detained), and journalist Hazem Nasser was transferred to administrative detention for a period of time. 6 Six months, after the end of his three-month prison sentence.

In continuation to obliterating the crimes of the occupation against citizens, the committee recorded more than (20) cases of banning and obstructing journalists’ coverage, in addition to registering a case of travel ban against journalist Majdoleen Hassouna, for the second month in a row, knowing that her travel ban has been renewed several times previously.

The settlers obstruct the journalists’ work by placing their hats and hands on the cameras’ lenses, insulting them, beating them and spraying pepper gas on them.

The report showed a case of storming and tampering with the contents of the home of journalist Khaled Al-Zabada, and three cases of confiscation of equipment, vehicles, mobile phones and press cards were recorded.

The committee also recorded two cases of the occupation’s torture and harassment of journalists inside the occupation’s prisons or during their arrest and investigation. During her arrest, journalist Sabreen Diab was subjected to harsh interrogations, insults and insults, and demanded that she stop her journalistic work and explicitly threaten her. Journalist Tariq Abu Zaid was also forced to pay a fine before to be released.

Regarding the fight against Palestinian digital content, the month of July recorded two cases of blocking, deleting and restricting access from Facebook to important news agencies in the Palestinian arena, despite the fact that what is being circulated and published is purely news content.

In this regard, he also recorded one case of espionage, through Israeli companies, in coordination with the Department of Social Media, spying on journalists' accounts. Blocking, deleting and restricting the publication and restriction of followers of many journalists’ accounts and media organizations, the most famous of which was the Shehab News Agency website and the Quds News Network, while the British BBC television management dismissed Tala Halawa, against the background of a previous tweet she posted on Twitter.


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