Google enhances data privacy and security for Android devices

Google announced that it will follow new policies with the Google Play App Store to enhance user data devices Android privacy.

The company said on its official websites recently, "We are working closely with software developers to maintain the Google Play Store as a safe and reliable space for downloading applications by billions of users around the world, so we are developing a new security section for this store to enhance the privacy of users' data. We will agree with the developers on a mechanism that makes the process of Downloading apps is more transparent, showing the user a detailed explanation of the data that each app collects and shares.

According to Google, the applications that will be allowed to be dealt with through the Google Play Store in the future will be more transparent in terms of announcing data to the user, and their developers will have to announce several points to users, the most important of which are:

Shows whether the app follows certain security policies such as data encryption.

Announcing whether the application follows the “family protection” policy that is used by some parents to control the quality of data that can reach their children.

- Giving users the freedom to choose data sharing by the application.


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