German police chase a giant snake in the streets after it escaped

Police in the eastern German town of Haldensleben are searching for a large, three-meter-long python that has become free after escaping from its owner.

Officials said Sunday morning that the snake has been missing since Saturday and is presumed to be still at large in the city.
According to what was reported, the snake is green in color. And anyone who sees the snake should definitely stay away and contact the responsible authorities.

The snake's owner was receiving medical treatment when the animal most likely escaped.

The snake may still be in the city area or in the vicinity. It was still not clear until early Sunday morning exactly how police were planning to retrieve the animal.

Among other ideas, the animal rescue service has proposed cooling the snake with a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher, a city spokesperson said.

Pythons usually live in Africa, Asia and Australia, and they kill their prey by wrapping their body around them and squeezing them.


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