The entry of clothes trucks..My rights: the cosmetic procedures of the occupation in Gaza to perpetuate the siege

Director of the Civil Organizations Network, Amjad Al-Shawa, said today, Wednesday, that what the occupation is doing at the "Karm Abu Salem commercial crossing" is a cosmetic measure to perpetuate the siege and continue the approach of deepening the economic and humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip.

Al-Shawa pointed out in his Facebook post, that the types of goods that the occupation allowed to enter into the Gaza Strip represent only 20 to 25 percent of the goods that were allowed to be entered before the eleventh of last May, and that they represent nothing but a simple thing and do not change the situation. The nature of the catastrophic economic and social reality experienced by the various sectors of the Palestinian people.

He pointed out that the occupation is still holding thousands of cargo containers worth tens of millions of dollars in the port of Ashdod, and prevents the entry of building materials and other basic materials.

He said, “Our main demand is to lift the siege and ensure the entry of goods into the Gaza Strip, without conditions and restrictions, and the export of the sector’s products abroad.”

For the first time since the last aggression, the occupation forces allowed trucks of clothes to enter.

The Ministry of Economy in Gaza said that the occupation is still preventing the entry of raw materials, as well as the entry of many basic and important materials, and it is satisfied with some paper, wood, metal and fabric manufactures, which were allowed before the last aggression.


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