WhatsApp is suing an Israeli company that hacked its servers and spied on accounts

The Hebrew channel "12" reported, this evening, Wednesday, that the giant technology company "WhatsApp" filed a major lawsuit against the "Israeli" NSO company , which specializes in the affairs of "cyber" programs.

The Hebrew channel said that "WhatsApp" accuses NSO of using its software with the aim of hacking the accounts of the users of the application .

According to the channel, the lawsuit indicates that the "Israeli" company succeeded in hacking the accounts of officials, personalities and journalists from different countries of the world, especially the United States of America .

According to the lawsuit, NSO used dangerous technological means in the process of hacking into WhatsApp servers in the United States, which allowed it to hack user accounts and take control of databases that contained IP addresses , allowing the company to track users and identify them further .

NSO Group denies these accusations, claiming that it is not aware of what is going on, and that the programs that are used are licensed by the "Israeli" government with the aim of "fighting terrorism" within the areas under its control, and that its programs do not technically work in the United States .

At the beginning of April, the NSO Group , the Israeli company that owns the well-known Pegasus spyware , said that Facebook had proposed buying the spyware to better monitor the activity of iPhone users, but the company refused.

The company "Facebook" responded by saying that "the Israeli group is trying to distract attention from the facts that Facebook and WhatsApp presented to the court more than 6 months ago."

The Israeli spyware company  NSO is seeking to file a lawsuit against Facebook in California state court, over what it says is the US company's failure to comply with international law regarding its lawsuit against the spyware company .

Facebook-owned WhatsApp sued NSO in October 2019, after finding evidence that the spying company had abused a flaw in the popular chat program to remotely hack hundreds of smartphones.


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