TEL Aviv: Settlers demand Netanyahu´s resignation

TEL Aviv _ Agencies

Israeli settlers on Thursday evening demanded the resignation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in protest against the ceasefire agreement in the Gaza Strip, according to Hebrew media.

According to the newspaper "Yediot Aharonot ", about 1,000 settlers from settlements in the Gaza Strip demonstrated in Tel Aviv, closing one of the most prominent intersections, as well as shutting down other streets.

The demonstrators also fired a similar siren from the Israeli authorities when rockets were fired from Gaza, while others were on the ground when they heard to express their conditions, both on Monday and Tuesday, when the Palestinian resistance fired rockets towards their settlements.

For its part, the Hebrew Channel II, chanted slogans to protesters calling on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to resign.

"The people of the South (the settlements) have completely lost confidence in the Israeli Government and must hand over their keys to those who are capable of providing security for them," the newspaper quoted Israel Daily as saying.


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