Gaza municipality warns of health and environmental disasters due to the delay in reconstruction

The Gaza municipality has warned of health and environmental disasters that may result due to the delay in the reconstruction of the infrastructure in the city, especially after a sewage eruption occurred on Al-Wahda Street, as a result of damage to the sewage networks as a result of direct targeting during the Israeli aggression. last on the sector.
The municipality stated that large quantities of sewage flowed into Al Wahda Street, specifically in the area between its intersection with Abdel Qader Al Husseini and Saeed Al Aas Streets, after collapses occurred in the area and problems appeared in sewage lines and networks.
She explained that the infrastructure in Al-Wahda Street was directly targeted during the last aggression, which caused significant damage to the water and sewage networks, noting that the sewage line on the street serves the area between the end of Al-Lababidi Street in the Al-Nasr neighborhood in the north to Omar Al-Mukhtar Street. in the south and Al-Jalaa Street in the east until Abdel Qader Al-Husseini Street in the west.
The municipality expressed its deep concern about the delay in the reconstruction and maintenance of water and sewage networks and rainwater drainage lines, especially the main ones, which threatens to cause widespread collapses and an overflow of sewage water and its invasion of homes and low-lying shops.
She stressed that she is doing her best not to exacerbate this problem, and she is conducting isolation operations for drain lines and suction of wastewater that have overflowed in the place, but these solutions are temporary and not permanent, and may cause health and environmental damage.
The municipality called on humanitarian and international organizations to intervene urgently and expedite the reconstruction of what was destroyed by the aggression, especially with the advent of the winter season, and the presence of fears of collapse or accumulation of rainwater and heavy flooding in the streets in the upcoming rainy season.
It is noteworthy that 23,000 linear meters of sewage networks were damaged as a result of the direct targeting of infrastructure during the recent Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, in addition to the damage to sewage stations No. 1 and 11


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