Gaza children launch balloons bearing pictures of martyrs and call for their protectionا

Dozens of children in the Gaza Strip released balloons today, Wednesday, bearing many pictures of the child martyrs who were martyred as a result of the recent Israeli aggression on the Strip.

The event was organized around the ruins of the Al-Kolak family home on Al-Wahda Street, which witnessed a massacre that led to the death of more than 42 citizens, most of them children, women and entire families.

The children raised slogans in both Arabic and English, including, “It is my right to live without fear… No to killing the children of Palestine.”

Lawyer Yasser Al-Dirawi from the Center for Human Rights Protection, which organized the event, said that its aim is to convey a message to the international community about the need to intervene and prevent Israeli violations against children.

In his speech, Al-Dirawi indicated that the center documented the targeting of dozens of children during the aggression, which left 66 martyrs and hundreds of wounded of this category, in addition to dozens of innocent civilian women and men martyrs.

He pointed out that the ongoing Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip deprived children of their most basic rights, calling on the international community to hold the occupation accountable for the deliberate violations against these children.

Meanwhile, a number of children called, during speeches delivered at the event, to protect them from the repeated Israeli aggression on Gaza, to give them the right to life, and to live childhood as the children of the world live.


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