Israeli doctors protest US decision to reduce support for East Jerusalem hospitals

Jerusalem _ Agencies

Eighteen senior Israeli doctors protested the US administration's decision to reduce support for East Jerusalem Hospitals, the Hebrew daily Ha'aretz reported Wednesday.

According to the paper, doctors have published a protest letter at the US Public Health Organization (WHO) council. The cutbacks are a blow to the city's health and will be detrimental to the health of the population.

According to the paper, Prof. Mark Kildravid of Ben-Gurion University in the Negev, and Professor Carl Scortsky, a senior physician at Rammbam Medical Center, researcher and lecturer at the Institute of Technion, are the initiators of the letter and later signed by 18 senior doctors, including the director of Rammbam Hospital, Prof. Ravi Pierre, director of the motto of the hospital of the Hebrew University, Prof. Jofan Hlevi, dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Professor Dina Ben Yehuda and other senior physicians.

The doctors said in their letter that hospitals in Jerusalem provide basic health services that cannot be provided by the Palestinian authorities in the West Bank and Gaza, such as cancer treatment, eye surgery, neonatal care, dialysis for


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