Dozens of injuries during the suppression of the night confusion activities in Beta

Dozens of civilians were injured on Thursday evening, as a result of the occupation forces' suppression of participants in the nighttime confusion activities in the town of Beita, south of Nablus.

Hundreds of citizens from different governorates participated in the night confusion activities on Mount Sabih in Beita. Clashes erupted in the western region of the mountain, and the occupation forces fired live and metal bullets and tear gas canisters at the participants.

Red Crescent crews dealt with 61 injuries, 55 of them from suffocation, and 6 with metal bullets.

Dozens of buses, cars, and hundreds of citizens from different governorates of the West Bank arrived at Jabal Sabih to participate in the night confusion activities.

The occupation forces set up barriers at the entrance to the house, searched the vehicles entering to prevent entry of citizens from outside the house, and confiscated the keys to some buses.

The activities of the night confusion continued, by lighting dozens of rubber tires, organizing the march of torches, sounding horns and shining laser beams towards the outpost on the top of Jabal Sabeeh.


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