After a 52-day ban, the occupation allows the marketing of tomatoes from Gaza

 The Ministry of Agriculture in the Gaza Strip announced today, Wednesday, that the Israeli occupation authorities allowed the marketing of the tomato crop to the West Bank markets, through the “Kerem Abu Salem” crossing, after it retracted its condition to remove its neck, after a ban that lasted 52 days. .

The Director General of Public Relations and Information at the Ministry, Fayez Al-Sheikh, said in a press statement distributed by the ministry, that the ministry was informed, through the Agricultural Coordination Committee, that the occupation allowed the marketing of tomatoes without the condition that they be removed, after the efforts and pressures exerted by the ministry with the support of farmers and traders.

Al-Sheikh stated that 200 tons of the tomato crop will be marketed today to West Bank markets, and 100 tons of other vegetable crops.

He pointed out that the Gaza Strip annually markets 21 thousand tons of the tomato crop to the West Bank, and 27 thousand tons to the Arab countries and the occupied interior.


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