Suffocation cases during the occupation’s suppression of a demonstration against settlements in Ni’lin

Dozens of citizens suffocated today, Friday, as a result of the occupation forces’ suppression of a peaceful demonstration organized by the institutions and activities of the town of Ni’lin and the village of Deir Qadis, west of Ramallah, in cooperation with the Resistance of the Wall and Settlement Authority, against settlement expansion in the Jabal Al-Alam in town.

The demonstration came as a protest against the continued attacks by settlers and the confiscation and bulldozing of lands in the “Mount Al-Alam” area, the latest of which was the construction of a “brakes” by a settler, protected by the occupation forces, in an attempt to seize more lands in the area.

The occupation forces suppressed the event that came after Friday prayers today, and fired stun and tear gas canisters at the participants, causing dozens of injuries from suffocation with tear gas. They were treated on the ground. The occupation forces also attacked journalists and tried to prevent them from covering, according to what he confirmed to Palestinian journals, Mayor of Ni'lin Imad Al-Khawaja.


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