Officials of the “Bulgarian Foreign Ministry” affirm their support for our people to get rid of the occupation

Officials at the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry affirmed that they stand by our people for their salvation from occupation, the establishment of their independent state and the solution of the refugee issue in accordance with international law and resolutions of international legitimacy.

This came during a series of meetings held by the Ambassador of the State of Palestine to Bulgaria, Ahmed Al-Mathbouh, with a number of officials in the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry, including the head of the Middle East and Africa Directorate, the acting head of the Human Rights Directorate, the head of the United Nations Directorate, and the head of the General Directorate of Relations International.

The slaughtered ambassador briefed the Bulgarian officials on the developments on the Palestinian arena, the continuation of the Israeli attacks on our people in the West Bank, and the occupation’s plan to displace Palestinian families from Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood and Silwan town in occupied Jerusalem, referring to the so-called “flags march” launched by settlers with the support of The Israeli official authorities last Tuesday, and the slogans raised during the march that reflect the hatred, malice and extremism of the settlers.

Al-Mazbouh pointed to the suffering of our people in the Gaza Strip as a result of the unjust siege imposed by Israel, the occupying power, for more than 15 years, and the brutal aggression launched by the occupation army against the besieged civilians, which led to the rise of hundreds of martyrs and thousands of wounded, half of them children and women, and the destruction of sector infrastructure.

The slaughtered ambassador discussed with Bulgarian officials the reasons for Bulgaria’s negative vote on a resolution presented by Palestine in the Human Rights Council, and abstaining from voting on another resolution that was proposed during a meeting of the World Health Organization in favor of Palestine, stressing the importance of adhering to the law, international resolutions and charters when voting on any resolution in forums. International.

He said that “the occupying power understands any negative vote on resolutions in favor of Palestine, as a green light for it to continue its violations of international law and the rights of the Palestinian people,” stressing at the same time “the importance of accountability and punishment in order to achieve justice for the persecuted.”

Al-Mathbouh stressed the keenness of the State of Palestine to strengthen bilateral relations with the Republic of Bulgaria in various fields.

For their part, Bulgarian officials affirmed their country's keenness to develop and strengthen relations with the State of Palestine, recalling the history of relations between the two peoples, Bulgaria's recognition of the State of Palestine since 1988, and their recognition and support for the Arab Peace Initiative.

They also affirmed their support for the Palestinian people in order to get rid of the occupation, reach a peaceful solution to the protracted conflict, establish an independent and viable state of Palestine living side by side with its neighbors, and resolve the refugee issue in accordance with international law and resolutions.


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