Publication of the dome and preparations for a new round of fighting.. the occupation finally agrees to organize the march of provocative flags

On Monday evening, the new Israeli Minister of Internal Security, Omer Bar-Lev, finally approved the plan to organize the provocative flags march on Tuesday, according to the path set for it to pass through Bab al-Amud Square and perform the dance from there.

Bar-Lev's decision came after an assessment of the security situation, with the participation of security officials and the Israeli Police Command.

"I had the impression that the police were well prepared, and made a great effort to preserve the delicate fabric of life and public safety," Bar-Lev said. It was also quoted by various Hebrew channels.

Bar-Lev confirmed earlier in the day that he would support the decision to organize the march on time.

In this regard, the Chief of Staff of the Israeli army, Aviv Kochavi, called on his army commanders to prepare for the resumption of military actions in Gaza, as reported by the same media.

Kohavi said: “The situation in the Palestinian arena is explosive, and we are preparing for the possibility of resuming the fighting again in Gaza, and for us, what would have been will not be the same.”

The occupation army reinforced its deployment of Iron Dome batteries in the Gaza Strip.

According to the seventh Hebrew channel, the Israeli army fears that Hamas will launch rockets tomorrow, Tuesday, in response to the flags march that will be organized in front of Bab al-Amud Square in Jerusalem.

Hamas warned of an explosive situation if the march was allowed to pass through the Old City, as well as Bab al-Amud, as the Israeli police approved this route for the march.


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