A lioness kills her three cubs at an American zoo.

Washington _ Agencies

A lioness August killed her three cubs when she closed her jaw on his neck at the American Indianapolis Zoo in an attack that lawn workers could not understand.

The zoo said in a statement released on Friday that the couple had been living together in the garden for eight years and had the three cubs in 2015, and the garden workers did not notice any hostility between them.

David Hagan, the curator of the park, said the incident had shocked the guards, adding that the reason might not be known at all.

"They have built close ties with animals, so any loss will affect us a lot," Hagan said in an interview. For many of us, it is like a family member. "

The park said in its statement that the workers paid attention to the "extraordinary amount of roar" from the black Cage last Monday, and arrived to find a fight between the 12-year-old lioness and her husband, Assad Niak, aged 10.

"She was attacking Niak from the neck," Hagan said. The guards arrived and saw what was going on and they tried to separate the two. But she continued to strangle Nike from the neck until he stopped moving. "

An autopsy showed that Assad died smothered by neck wounds.


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