The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: “Israel” proves daily that it is an apartheid state

Today, Wednesday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates said that "Israel" proves daily after day that it is an apartheid state, and is trying to quell and break the will of steadfastness, confrontation and control over the consciousness of Palestinian generations .

The ministry added in a press statement: "Not a single day passes without the Israeli occupation authorities and their various arms, including the settlers' militias and their armed terrorist organizations, committing crimes and provocative attacks against our people."

She stressed that this scene of the ugly occupation that dominates the lives of the Palestinians, will lead to one result, which is the consolidation of the apartheid regime in occupied Palestine, to establish “Israel” as an occupying power, and the current settlement state, and racial segregation based on the application of civil law for Israelis and settlers, and laws Military orders to persecute and oppress the Palestinians are based on ethnic cleansing, forced displacement, and the transformation of Palestinian population centers into large segregated prison-like ghettos, worse than those in South Africa during the apartheid regime, and systematic racial discrimination on the basis of nationality, race, and nationality, and other forms The aspects and definitions of apartheid regimes according to international law .

In its statement, the "Foreign Ministry" said that this racist essence of the Israeli occupation has come to the surface, and it has become the subject of conversation and discussion by many international leaders, international officials, major newspapers, publishing houses and international media, including the American and Israeli, as well as some officials, bodies and human rights organizations inside "Israel" "Itself .

She stressed the importance of consolidating this concept and stabilizing it in the mind, thought and literature of individuals and states, so that after that a rapid transition to adopting international measures and resolutions that would allow punitive steps to be taken against the apartheid and colonial state "Israel", without any hesitation or skepticism .

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that it leads this trend, through its daily work with the countries of the world and through its various missions spread all over the world, in coordination with all relevant parties and owners of studies and research, especially legal ones, which confirm the racism of the occupying power.


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