Local government in Gaza: about 100 million dollars, the total damages of the aggression related to the ministry

Ahmed Abu Ras, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Local Government in the Gaza Strip, said today, Wednesday, that the total damages caused by the aggression and related to the work of his ministry amounted to nearly $100 million.

Abu Ras indicated in an interview with the local “Al-Aqsa” radio in Gaza, that the municipal teams are still striving to accurately account for the damage, pointing out that several donors have contacted the ministry to provide emergency and urgent needs, especially the provision of quantities of diesel for the work of the municipalities, and an attempt to provide heavy machinery To remove the effects of aggression.

And he indicated that the local government and municipal teams are working to remove all traces and repair most of the water and sewage networks that were damaged during the aggression, explaining that the occupation deliberately directly targeted the infrastructure networks during its bombardment of the sector.

Abu Ras called for the formation of a joint national body to set better mechanisms and priorities for the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip.


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