An American teacher commits suicide in a school where he works in mysterious circumstances.

Washington _ Agencies

An American teacher named Gordon Halani, who was 31 years old, committed suicide in one of his school classes in Texas, where the school's administration announced the suspension of work in the classroom where he was temporarily working until all the students were offered doctors. Psychologists after that incident, which caused panic and horror among students.

Gordon's friends at school found him unconscious in front of terrified students, who initially tried to awaken their teacher to the fact that he had not responded to them and remained unconscious, until all the teachers and school administrators who summoned the doctors were gathered around him and assured them that the teacher had died Indicating that the death is abnormal.

The school administration in which the incident took place stated that the teacher had committed suicide but did not confirm the main reason for the heinous incident in front of his students, in addition to not declaring the manner in which he committed suicide.


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