Gaza: a journalist was killed, 12 wounded, and 44 media outlets were destroyed during the last aggression

A report by the government media in the Gaza Strip recorded one case of a journalist, Youssef Abu Hussein, and the injury of 12 others, and the destruction of 44 headquarters of media institutions, including total demolition and severe and partial damage, during the 11-day Israeli aggression on the Strip. .

The report indicated that the occupation destroyed 11 other headquarters of advertising companies, artistic production, printing presses and publishing houses.

More than 22 houses of journalists and media professionals were completely and partially damaged, except for the damage of (6) cars belonging to journalists and media professionals.

The report indicated that the number of journalist martyrs since 2000 rose to 47 with the martyrdom of the broadcaster at Al-Aqsa Radio Youssef Abu Hussein after his family's house was destroyed, as well as his car.

He pointed out that the (12) injuries were recorded through their direct injuries while covering the crimes of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, and targeting some of them with flying shrapnel as a result of the bombing of the occupation in all areas of the Gaza Strip, and through the bombing of their homes over the heads of some of them, which led to their burns And fractures and bruises all over their body.

Press and media offices were totally damaged by the bombing of the Al-Jalaa, Al-Jawhara and Al-Shorouq towers in Al-Rimal neighborhood in Gaza City, which led to the complete destruction of the towers and the 35 headquarters and media institutions that incurred heavy and expensive losses due to the destruction of equipment Journalists from satellite broadcasting devices, studios and others, which were used by press crews to monitor the crimes of the Israeli occupation against the Palestinian people, as well as (9) press headquarters were partially damaged and some of their contents and equipment were damaged.


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