Red Cross: 50 thousand citizens were displaced to UNRWA schools or their relatives´ homes

Ramallah - “Jerusalem” dot com - The spokeswoman for the Red Cross in the southern governorates, Suheir Zaqout, said that more than fifty thousand citizens have been displaced from their homes to UNRWA schools or their relatives ’homes, as a result of the recent aggression on the Gaza Strip.

Zaqout indicated in an interview with Voice of Palestine Radio today, Saturday, that there are 700,000 citizens who do not have sufficient electricity, and 800,000 citizens do not receive water, in addition to the danger of rockets that did not explode and threaten the lives of the residents.

She emphasized that the aggression left a great psychological impact on the people of the Gaza Strip, especially on the youth group, as they are the largest percentage, stressing that rebuilding their lives is more important than rebuilding homes.


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