Jurists: the occupation commits war crimes against humanity in Gaza

Gaza - “Jerusalem” dot com - Human rights activists confirmed, today, Thursday, that the Israeli occupation has committed war crimes and crimes against humanity in the Gaza Strip, during the ongoing aggression for the eleventh consecutive day.

During a press conference from inside Al-Shifa Hospital, the jurists demanded an end to the aggression against the Gaza Strip, and the holding of an emergency session of the Security Council to look into the crimes committed in the Strip.

Raji Sourani, director of the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, said that human rights institutions in Gaza have been in contact since the first hours of the aggression with the Office of the International Criminal Prosecutor, pointing to the existence of a decision to open an investigation and prosecute Israeli war criminals.

He added, "It is a shame for a country that owns American planes and the latest missiles that its targets are the families of Abu Al-Auf, Al-Kulak and Abu Hasira, women and children," describing these crimes against these families as a "great shame for the occupation state."

Sourani pointed out that the deliberate targeting of civilians in Gaza will be one of the most important files before the International Criminal Court soon.

Sourani accused the Security Council of impotence in the face of these crimes, saying, "The Security Council cannot move and has become paralyzed, and the conspiracy of silence practiced by Europe that parallels the victim and the executioner is a great shame."

The director of the Palestinian Center for Human Rights called for the need to fully lift the illegal and humanitarian blockade on Gaza, and end the hateful and criminal military occupation that has been practicing daily for 54 years, war crimes against humanity. like he said.

Sourani stressed the people's right to self-determination and to practice resistance in all its forms, saying, "We will not be good victims of those who practice war crimes and crimes against humanity."

For his part, Issam Younis, director of the Al Mezan Center for Human Rights, said that these heinous crimes committed against the Palestinian people confirm that our people are facing a more immoral scene in committing war crimes. According to his description.

Yunus stressed that these crimes are a violation of all international covenants, pointing out that the extermination of entire families and the bombing of civilian facilities, which requires the legal prosecution of the perpetrators through international courts.

Yunus called for the necessity of holding a session of the Security Council to look into these crimes and for it to be the beginning of the principle of accountability for the occupying power.

"Our people seek justice and nothing more, and we are part of the civilized world, and the world must put an end to the crimes committed against our people, and work on the principle of accountability for those who committed these crimes and who ordered them to be committed," said the director of Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights.

For his part, Jamil Sarhan, Director of the Independent Commission for Human Rights in the Gaza Strip, said that human rights organizations have been following up on the crimes committed by the occupation for 10 days, and that violations of the rules of international humanitarian law and the Fourth Geneva Convention related to the protection of the civilian population in times of war have been recorded.

Sarhan pointed out that the occupation does not distinguish between civilian and military, and that in many of its raids there were deliberate intentions to kill and inflict great losses on civilians.

He said, "There is a clear targeting of everything related to human beings, as if they want to issue collective punishment to tell everyone that we will punish you for standing by the resistance, and we say that we are all on the side of the resistance, as it is a natural right for every people subject to occupation."

For his part, Director of the NGO Network, Amjad Al-Shawa, indicated that there is a forced displacement of more than 100,000 citizens in Gaza as a result of the Israeli bombing of the various governorates of the Strip, indicating that they are living in difficult humanitarian conditions in light of the failure of international agencies and human rights organizations to provide services to these citizens.

Al-Shawa called on international institutions to provide all forms of assistance and protection to the citizens, explaining that the occupation deliberately targets farmers, caused the death of a number of them, and caused damage to their lands.


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