(Updated) $ 210 million Gaza losses due to the Israeli aggression

Gaza - “Jerusalem” dot com - Salama Maarouf, head of the government media office in the Gaza Strip, said today, Monday, that the material losses for all sectors due to the continuous Israeli aggression on the Strip for the eighth day amounted to 210 million dollars, of which 151 direct losses and 58 indirect losses.

Maarouf stated in a press conference that the housing sector losses amounted to 48 million dollars, indicating that 1,000 units were completely destroyed, and another 6,000 units were damaged.

He indicated that 132 residential towers and homes were bombed and completely demolished, 33 media institutions were completely demolished, and dozens of other institutions, associations and offices were damaged.

Maarouf stated that 68 government headquarters and public facilities were targeted, with losses amounting to 20 million dollars, while 36 schools and a number of health facilities were damaged.

He pointed out that it had targeted more than 3 thousand different establishments, explaining that the occupation deliberately targeted economic facilities, some of which amounted to $ 25 million, including 4 local banks, factories and warehouses headquarters.

He pointed out that animal farms, agricultural lands, wells and irrigation networks were bombed, with an initial value of losses amounting to 20 million dollars.

The head of the government media office in Gaza said that the occupation forces deliberately targeted the infrastructure, which greatly affected the operations of providing services to the population.

Maarouf stated that infrastructure losses amounted to $ 18 million, and streets and infrastructure such as water and sewage networks were targeted, while losses in the energy sector amounted to $ 12 million, and dozens of vehicles were completely and partially damaged, valued at $ 5 million, and the communications and internet network worth $ 6 million and one hundred thousand dollars. .

Eight mosques were completely or severely demolished, and dozens of places of worship (mosques and churches) and endowment facilities were damaged as a result of the bombing, and the estimated direct material losses amounted to 4 million dollars, he said.

He pointed out that the occupation has carried out 1,500 raids so far, including 240 last night.

Maarouf indicated that the number of displaced people has reached more than 100,000, of whom 40,000 are in shelters and 60,000 are with their relatives.

For its part, the Ministry of Agriculture in Gaza said in a statement that the damage in the plant and animal production sectors doubles on a daily basis, indicating that the value of damage and losses to the agricultural sector exceeded as of Monday morning ($ 20 million).

The Ministry expected that the damage and losses in the agricultural sector would double, as a result of the continued bombing of hundreds of dunams and tens of agricultural facilities, as well as directly targeting stores and warehouses for agricultural production inputs and requirements.



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