Gaza Municipality: The occupation targeted 53 streets and junction directly in Gaza City

Today, Sunday, the Gaza municipality issued a press release about targeting roads, severing the city’s ties, and obstructing movement. The following is the text of the permit as published by the municipality on its official Facebook page:   

A permit issued by the Gaza municipality

About targeting roads, severing the city’s ties, and impeding movement

The Israeli occupation forces intentionally repeatedly destroy main streets and intersections of vital roads in Gaza City, especially leading to hospitals and medical complexes, hindering the movement of ambulance and emergency crews and rescue efforts in the city; Since the beginning of the aggression on the Gaza Strip on Monday, May 10, 2021 AD.

As the Gaza municipality directly monitored the targeting of 53 streets and junctions, which have been developed over many years with great efforts and funding from donors and international and European institutions to serve the residents of the city. The 8 million dollars.

Cutting the city’s ties and impeding the movements of rescue mechanisms and teams and aid citizens, by destroying infrastructure and targeting streets and intersections, exacerbates the deteriorating humanitarian conditions significantly, and makes it difficult for access to and from hospitals and affected places and the rescue of innocent civilians.

Accordingly, the Gaza municipality renews its call to the international community and international and humanitarian organizations to stop the barbaric aggression of the Israeli occupation on the Gaza Strip, protect the civilian population, and spare the targeting of civil and service facilities.

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