A human rights report documenting and monitoring the most prominent events of the aggression on the Gaza Strip

Today, Friday, May 14, 2021, the Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights issued a report that monitors the size and distribution of the Israeli attacks during its ongoing aggression on the Gaza Strip  in its fourth day.

The following is the text of the statement:

The occupation forces escalated their aggression against the Gaza Strip for the fourth consecutive day, and the evening and night yesterday and at dawn today witnessed an intense and violent attack in which field artillery participated in the extension of the separation fence in indiscriminate and violent bombardment of densely populated residential areas along the eastern side of the Gaza Strip. Israeli warplanes also intensified their attacks, and used missiles of high destructive capacity, mainly targeting residential homes that were destroyed over the heads of their residents, and spreading terror among thousands of civilians who fled their homes in fear for their lives after targeting them and targeting their surroundings by bombing, and they sought refuge in some schools in the neighborhood. Shejaiya, Jabalia, and Beit Lahiya without any equipment that would allow them to shelter and provide relief, which would compound their suffering and undermine their dignity.

Monitoring and documentation work that the Al-Mezan Center continues to indicate that the number of martyrs on the fourth day of the aggression rose to (122) martyrs, among them (32) children, who account for (26%) of the total number of martyrs, and (20) women, who amount to (16). %). In addition, (600) others were wounded, among them (129) children, their percentage of the total injured (21.50%), and (89) women, the rate of (14.83%). The number of targeted houses reached (35) houses, and (3) towers, including the targeted houses and towers, which Al Mezan Center was able to document (163) housing units, and the number is expected to rise because a large number of buildings were completely destroyed and the researchers were unable to quantify the number of units. In every building, due to the displacement of its residents from the area, (6) schools, and (3) mosques, hundreds of homes and private properties of citizens were partially damaged, and hundreds of buildings, government headquarters and banks.

The occupation forces announced that 160 planes launched tonight and attacked 150 targets, using 450 bombs during a period of 40 minutes, which were concentrated this evening in northern Gaza, using lethal and disproportionate force, which did not observe the principle of distinction in a civilian area considered one of the most densely populated in the world. There is no safe haven or place where the population can live in time of danger, which means that it consciously sought to inflict the largest amount of losses on civilians and their property.

The humanitarian situation continues to deteriorate in light of the comprehensive closure and the prevention of the entry of fuel, food and medicine supplies, and the occupation forces have targeted public facilities, including roads, installations, and vehicles belonging to the governorates ’municipalities, and the infrastructure of water, electricity and sanitation networks, which threatens to stop public services such as health care and drinking water, and a humanitarian and environmental catastrophe is seen. .

According to the monitoring and documentation operations that Al-Mezan Center continues, the most prominent incidents of the aggression during the past 24 hours were as follows:

Rafah Governorate: 

The Israeli warplanes bombed with one missile at about 19:40 on Thursday evening, corresponding to 05/13/2021, the house of Jamal Ismail Musa Al-Zamili, located in the Tannour neighborhood, east of Rafah, which is composed of two floors, and two families of (12) individuals live in it. A previous warning, which resulted in the total destruction of the house, and the martyrdom of the child Hoor Moamen Jamal Al-Zamili (3 years), and her mother Kholoud Fouad Farhan Al-Shaer (Al-Zamili) (26 years), who was pregnant in her fifth month, and wounding (6) citizens, including ( 3) Children and two women (2).

The Israeli warplanes bombed with one missile at about 20:20 of the same day the house of the Al-Rantisi family (Azara), which is located in the Al-Janiya neighborhood in Rafah, which consists of (3) floors, and (4) families live in it, without prior warning, which caused its destruction In a severe way and the martyrdom of four of his residents, they are: the child Ibrahim Muhammad Ibrahim Al-Rantisi (two years), his grandmother Siham Yusef Muhammad Azara (Al-Rantisi) (66 years old), his uncle Raed Ibrahim Khamis Azara (Al-Rantisi) (29 years), and his wife Shaima Diab Muhammad Musa (21 years), and (15) civilians were wounded, including (7) children and (3) women.

Khan Yunis Governorate:

Since 14:00 on the evening of Thursday, 05/13/2021, the Israeli occupation aircraft carried out 7 raids targeting different areas of Khan Yunis, during which they fired 11 missiles, targeting residential homes, agricultural lands, and the headquarters of the Production Bank. The attacks resulted in the destruction of (3) residential homes, (12) partial houses and two (2) pieces of agricultural land, and the headquarters of the Production Bank branch, and caused disproportionate damage to a number of homes and other properties of citizens.

Central Governorate:

The Israeli warplanes bombed with two missiles at around 15:20 pm on Thursday, 05/13/2021, the house of Ghassan Abdel Mu'ti Abu Ayada, consisting of a ground layer covered with concrete and located in the middle of Al-Bureij camp in the Central Governorate, which led to the destruction of the house Partial damage to neighboring homes, and the bombing caused the death of the child Ahmed Rami Mahmoud Al-Hawajri (14 years), and the citizen Moayad Tayseer Abdul Rahman Al-Khatib (20 years), both of whom were residents of Al-Bureij camp in the central governorate, and they happened to be in the street during the bombing. Two others, medical sources described their wounds as moderate and severe,

The Israeli warplanes bombed with one missile at approximately 16:40 pm the same day, and without prior warning the house of Mohammed Mahmoud Issa. The house consists of a single layer that is covered with concrete, and it is located east of the Bureij camp in the central governorate. The bombing caused the total destruction of the house, the martyrdom of Manar Khader Ahmed Issa (39 years), and her daughter, Lina Muhammad Issa (13 years), and 3 other citizens were wounded, and medical sources described their wounds ranging from moderate to severe, while the neighboring houses were partially damaged.

The medical sources at Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital announced at approximately 08:30 this morning, Friday 14/05/2021, that the citizen Muhammad Khaled Omar Al-Tawashi (21 years), from Deir Al-Balah, had died. The Israeli reconnaissance bombed the vicinity of the house, which is located south of the city of Deir Al-Balah, at about 19:30 on Thursday, 05/13/2021, which led to the death of his brother Khaled, as his body was found at about 08:00 on Friday morning.

Gaza Governorate:

The Israeli warplanes bombed with one missile at approximately 18:40 pm on Thursday May 13, 2021, a group of citizens in the vicinity of Al-Dahdouh Street, located in the Tel Al-Hawa neighborhood southwest of Gaza City, causing the death of Mustafa Hassan Ahmed Al-Abed ( 38 years old), and the citizen Abdul Rahman Asbeitah Khalaf Azzam (34 years).

The Israeli occupation forces bombed, with a large number of artillery shells, at approximately 21:00 on the evening of the same day, the eastern outskirts of the Shejaiya neighborhood, east of Gaza City. Residents of the neighborhood and their refuge in a number of schools run by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency ( UNRWA ).

On Friday 14/5/2021, the Israeli warplanes bombed a group of citizens, with a single missile, east of the Shejaiya neighborhood, east of Gaza City. ).

The medical sources in the Palestinian Ministry of Health announced at around 6:00 am the same day that the child Mahmoud Hamed Hassan Talba (13 years old), a resident of Al-Zaytoun neighborhood, east of Gaza City, had died from his wounds sustained after the Israeli warplanes bombed Salah El-Din Street In Al-Zaytoun neighborhood, at approximately 21:15 on Wednesday 12/5/2021.

North Gaza Governorate:

The Israeli warplanes bombed with one missile at about 13:45 pm on Thursday, 05/13/2021, a group of citizens near Tower No. (19) in the Nada Towers in Ezbet Beit Hanoun in the city of Beit Hanoun in the North Gaza Governorate. Khaled Imad Khaled Al-Qanu` (17), a resident of Beit Hanoun, was killed, and (8) others were wounded, with various wounds.

Rescue crews of the Civil Defense Agency and medical teams managed, on the same evening, to recover the bodies of Rafat “Muhammad Ismail” Ata al-Tanani (39 years), his wife Rawya Fathi Hassan al-Tanani (36 years), his sons Ismail (7 years), and Adham (4) Years), Amir (6 years), and Muhammad (two years), whose traces were lost at dawn the same day, after a four-storey residential building of Rabah Al-Madhoun was destroyed by Israeli warplanes attacks, and the house is located on the main street of Beit Lahiya, North Gaza Al-Tanani was renting an apartment in the Al-Madhoun building.

At about 17:30 local time, the Israeli artillery fired two shells of the same day, a group of farmers were working on their land in the vicinity of the American Hospital near the Beit Hanoun checkpoint in the northern Gaza governorate, killing the farmer, Suhaib Abdul Rahim Awad Ghanem (25 years old). And the injury of the farmer, Yahya Mansour Ghaben (24 years), who are from the Shaima neighborhood in the city of Beit Lahia. For their part, medical sources in the hospital described Ghabin's wounds as serious.

The Israeli artillery bombed dozens of artillery shells at approximately 18:30 pm on the same day, the areas adjacent to the northern separation fence north of Beit Hanoun, north of Umm Al-Nasr village, and north of Beit Lahia in the North Gaza governorate, and the shelling continued intensively until 20:30 in the evening The same day, what led to the death of (6) citizens, including (2) two children and three (3) women, and wounding (25) civilians, including (7) children and (2) women, as they arrived at the Indonesian hospital in the same governorate. The medical sources described the injuries of the injured as medium to minor. Fifteen homes were damaged, and a large number of residents were forced to flee their homes. The martyrs were: Nisreen Nasser Muhammad Abu Qleeq (25 years), Naama Saleh Salama Ayyash (47 years), Hashem Muhammad Ayed al-Zughaibi (20 years), Sabreen Nasser Muhammad Abu Daih (27 years), Muhammad Salama Muhammad Abu Daih (ten months). Fawzia Nasser Muhammad Abu Faris (17 years), all of them are residents of the Bedouin village.

At approximately 23:50 local time, the Israeli warplanes bombed the house of Jihad Muhammad Shaban Al-Aloul (51 years old), which consists of 4 floors and is located in the middle of the Beit Lahia project market street in the city of Beit Lahia in the North Gaza Governorate. The house was completely destroyed, and 4 civilians were killed, among them (3) women. They are: Muhammad Ibrahim Muhammad Aman (51) years old, and his daughters Hadeel Muhammad Ibrahim Aman (18 years), Wardah Muhammad Ibrahim Aman (22 years old), and Walaa Muhammad Ibrahim Aman (24 years old), six months pregnant. In addition, (27) civilians were injured, including (10) children and (6) women, and two other homes were completely destroyed, where they live in total (91) citizens, including (24) women and (41) children. A number of neighboring homes.

The Israeli warplanes bombed with about (150) shells and missiles, starting at 00:00 on Friday, 05/14/2021, a large number of citizens 'agricultural and empty lands adjacent to citizens' homes in separate areas in the cities of Beit Hanoun, Beit Lahia, and a village. Umm Al-Nasr in North Gaza Governorate. The bombing caused the death of (5) civilians, including two women (2) and (3) children, and the wounding of (68) civilians, including (21) women and (20) children. Three floors, which is located in the street between the Al-Sultin and Al-Atatrah neighborhoods in the city of Beit Lahia, which led to the martyrdom of Lamia Hassan Muhammad Al-Attar (26 years), and her three sons, Islam Muhammad Mahmoud Al-Attar (8 years), and Amira Muhammad Mahmoud Al-Attar (7 years) and Muhammad Zain Al-Din Muhammad Mahmoud Al-Attar (8 months old), and the house was completely destroyed.

The Israeli warplanes bombarded with two missiles an agricultural land in the Al-Amal neighborhood in the city of Beit Lahia, adjacent to the home of Ibrahim Musa Ahmed Salama (49 years old), which consists of two layers, which led to the death of Fayza Ahmed Muhammad Salama (44 years old), and the injury of his owner The house and his son, as well as the violent bombing, destroyed a large number of citizens' homes, especially in Al-Baali Street in the center of Beit Hanoun, spreading panic among the citizens and pushing large numbers of them to leave their homes to escape the continuous and violent bombing operations, and they fled to UNRWA schools in Jabalia and Beit Lahiya.

The Al Mezan Center for Human Rights renews its strong condemnation of the ongoing Israeli acts of killing and destruction targeting civilians and their property and civilian objects in violation of the rules of international law, especially the principle of proportionality and distinction. A war that requires the international community to ensure its urgent end to the perpetrators and those who ordered it to be prosecuted and held accountable, especially after the Israeli Prime Minister urged his soldiers not to fear investigation committees or be held accountable.

Accordingly, the Center calls on the international community to urgently and effectively intervene to stop the aggression and protect the lives and property of civilians in the Gaza Strip, and to take effective steps that force the occupation forces to respect international law. The Center warns that the inaction of the international community provides a political cover that encourages the occupation forces to commit more crimes and atrocities in the Gaza Strip. The sector whose victims are primarily children and women.


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