Education in Gaza: The occupation bombed 3 schools during the fourth day of the aggression

Today, Thursday, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Gaza announced that the Israeli warplanes bombed 3 new schools directly during its continuous aggression against the Palestinian people for the fourth consecutive day.

The ministry said in a press statement that "during the past few hours, Israeli warplanes have directly targeted 3 schools."

She added that the schools are: “Fathi Al-Balawi Secondary School for Boys in the Central District, Moaz bin Jabal Primary School in the East Gaza District, and Balqis Al-Yaman Secondary School for Girls in the West Gaza District, where the bombing caused great damage to buildings, classrooms, squares, classrooms, facilities and educational tools, and these are added. The three schools, including seven schools, have been bombed since the start of the aggression on Monday.

She explained that the Gaza Strip suffers mainly from the lack of schools due to the blockade on Gaza and the prevention of the entry of building materials, and that targeting existing schools is a systematic Israeli plan and policy to eradicate education and destroy its infrastructure, pointing out that the bombing of schools is a blatant violation of all international covenants and norms and the right to education. Called out by the world.

It called on the international community, human rights institutions and institutions interested in education, such as the United Nations, UNESCO, UNICEF, the International Education Group and the Joint European Funding Fund JFA, to condemn and denounce the Zionist aggression against schools and educational facilities and to act immediately to stop it.

And it called for pressure on the occupation to lift the siege on the Gaza Strip, work to rebuild schools that were destroyed, complete the construction of schools that had stopped due to the blockade, and to provide and support the educational sector in Gaza with the necessary tools for the benefit of the educational process.


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