6 deaths in Gaza due to "swine flu "

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

On Thursday, there were six cases of influenza-related deaths, including "swine flu ", scientifically known as the H1N1 disease.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza did not explicitly declare the number, but confirmed the registration of a number of influenza cases caused by various types of seasonal influenza viruses among citizens in the Gaza Strip.

The ministry confirmed that it is part of the usual seasonal prevalence rates of the disease.

The Ministry called on citizens to take the usual preventive measures of the disease to receive the vaccine, especially for the elderly and those suffering from chronic diseases and weakened immunity and to raise the level of hygiene and personal care.

Some 12 cases of swine flu were reported by medical sources, two of which died.

Dr. Salah Al-Levantine, an internal specialist at the European Gaza Hospital, said they had received several cases of illness and one of them died in hospital.

Other medical sources reported the death of another patient at the Indonesian hospital in the northern Gaza Strip.

The Levantine that this disease is one of the seasonal diseases that afflict humans and usually comes at the beginning of the winter season. Noting that this virus is like any flu it mainly affects pregnant women, chronic patients and newborn infants.

He said the disease is transmitted through the respiratory system, calling on citizens to get away from the flu patients for fear of any disease.


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