A ​​social initiative to make "Eid cakes" and distribute it to poor families in Gaza

In a remarkable humanitarian step for the second year in a row, the "Mobaderoon-Rafah" grouping, in the south of the Gaza Strip, succeeded in implementing its charitable initiative by preparing "Eid cakes" to be distributed to poor and needy families who could not supply She lives under the suffocating siege for the fifteenth year in a row.

About 50 volunteer volunteers with experience in making cakes participated in the process of preparing them, after the initiators of the initiative were able to provide the necessary materials for this with in-kind and material donations provided by good people, in support of poor families and bringing joy and pleasure to them.

The volunteers worked long hours as a hive of bees, to produce a very large quantity of "cakes" and "maamoul", to ensure that it was distributed before the beginning of the days of Eid Al-Fitr, and with the approaching end of the blessed month of Ramadan.

Raeda Abed, a social activist from Rafah, said that this volunteer initiative is the diligence of some volunteers who brought utensils and other equipment from their homes, while those in charge of the initiative succeeded in providing materials that are used in making cakes and made by donors from all over the Gaza Strip, not Rafah alone. .

Abed pointed out that this step is aimed at bringing joy and pleasure to the chaste families, who lack eid rituals, especially for children who are deprived of this joy and their feeling of inferiority, compared to other children under the conditions of their families.

The volunteers who participate in the initiative work with great energy and feel proud of themselves, especially since this work is primarily charitable and humanitarian, which makes them feel that they are giving a lot to help the needy families who need someone to support them and stand by them and provide them with assistance even if it is a simple thing. Which can enter them with joy and happiness.

For his part, Haroun al-Mudallal, general coordinator of the "Mobaderoon - Rafah" gathering said: This year, large quantities of cakes and ma'moul were produced for the benefit of a greater number of the poorest families in the governorate.

There are families who cannot make cakes in their homes, he said, noting that the aim of the initiative is to reach each of these families, who barely feel the joy of Eid in light of the urgent needs of those who stand with them and support them in various areas of life and economy. And socially.

Al-Mudallal called on the good people to strengthen these initiatives and intensify the charitable relief work that these families need in this difficult time in which the residents of Gaza live.

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