Center: 420 arrests during the past month

The Palestine Center for Prisoners Studies monitored 420 cases of arrest by the Israeli occupation forces of citizens from different areas, half of them Jerusalemites, during the past April.

According to the center, among the total number of detainees, 65 children and 10 women, noting that the occupation forces continued, during the past month, campaigns of harassment and arrest against Palestinians, especially in the city of Jerusalem.

The center said that the occupation authorities faced the confrontation of the Jerusalemites against settler attacks and the Al-Aqsa incursions by carrying out frenzied arrest campaigns aimed at deterring and intimidating Jerusalemites, as the number of arrests in the city amounted to more than 200, most of which were concentrated in the Bab al-Amud area, the vicinity of the Old City and the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.

From the Gaza Strip, the Center monitored 9 cases of arrest, all of which were young men who crossed the separation wire on the eastern borders of the Strip, and most of them were released and returned to the Strip after being interrogated for hours.

The center pointed out that the occupation authorities escalated their targeting of journalists, as 6 of them were arrested Alaa al-Rimawi from Ramallah, who has been on an open hunger strike since his arrest and an administrative detention order was issued against him, and the journalist Muhammad Ateeq from Jenin, who was released with a fine, and the journalist Qutayba Qasim from Ramallah God, who is still in detention, the brigades and researcher Moufid Jalghoum from Jenin, Khaled Mutair from Qalandia camp, and the journalist Sabreen Diab from the occupied interior, who was released.

He pointed out that the occupation intelligence summoned the journalist, Mona Al-Qawasmi, to investigate the Al-Qishla police station, and her personal phone was confiscated, and the editor-in-chief, Musab Saeed, was from Ramallah, although it was only two weeks after his release from captivity.

PCHR noted that the occupation forces continued to target Palestinian women, and 10 cases of detention were monitored, including the freed prisoner, Mona Qa'dan, from Jenin.

It continued targeting minors with arrest and abuse, as the report monitored (65) cases of arrest of minors under eighteen years of age, most of them from occupied Jerusalem, the youngest of whom is Yazan Al-Belbisi (12 years) from the Bab al-Amud area.

The center indicated that a number of prisoners who went on an open hunger strike during the past month, and a number of them suspended the strike after fulfilling their demands, as the prisoner Imad Suarka from Jericho is still on strike for the 46th consecutive day, in protest against his administrative detention, along with journalist Alaa Al-Rimawi for the twelfth day in a row.

The Palestine Center for Prisoners Studies stated that, during the past month, the Occupation Courts issued (90) administrative decisions, between new and renewed detention, and they ranged from two months to 6 months.


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