Al-Najjar: The number of casualties in the West Bank is clearly declining, and the situation in Gaza is very bad

Director General of Supportive Medical Services in the Palestinian Ministry of Health, Osama Al-Najjar, said that 99% of the virus circulating in Palestine is from the British boom, and it is very likely that the Indian mutation will reach Palestine after it was registered inside.

He added during an interview with "Voice of Palestine" radio that the number of infections in the West Bank is clearly declining, while the epidemiological situation in the Gaza Strip is very bad, in terms of the number of infections and deaths, as one thousand cases of Coronavirus are recorded daily.

He continued: "There is a clear decrease in the number of citizens entering hospitals in the West Bank to receive treatment from the Corona virus, as the Dora Governmental Hospital, which has a capacity of 80 patients, today has 25 patients inside."

With regard to the vaccination file, Al-Najjar explained that the government agreed with Pfizer to buy 4 million doses of the Corona vaccine, and they will not arrive in one batch, but in batches, according to the dates set by the company.

He added, "Soon, vaccines from the Russian company Sputnik, and other vaccines from the Kovacs Foundation, will arrive."

Regarding the citizens ’turnout to receive the vaccine, Al-Najjar said:“ The turnout today is very good, at first the turnout was negative from the citizens, but with the start of vaccination on the ground, citizens gain confidence and accept the vaccine.

He added, "Palestine is one of the rare countries in the world that has been able to feed 8% of the citizens who are supposed to be vaccinated, and this is a positive thing, as nearly a quarter of a million Palestinians have received the vaccine."


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