Land Research: The occupation established 388 landfills and uprooted more than 96,000 trees during the year of Corona

The Land Research Center of the Arab Studies Association in occupied Jerusalem said, on the occasion of Earth Day that falls tomorrow (April 22),The Israeli occupation was not satisfied with draining the Palestinian Hula Lake and diverting and stealing the sources of the Jordan River until the area of ​​the Dead Sea decreased and the water level in it decreased to more than 60 more meters below sea level, and these are, in fact, crimes against all humanity and against the planet with its land, nature, and its inhabitants, because the Dead Sea has shrunk. Jordan is one of the scarcest natural sites on the face of the earth, just as the occupation has not only confiscated Palestinian lands and demolishes Palestinian homes, but also uproots trees, bulldozes old lands, demolishes water wells and steals their water, and even turns it into a dump for their waste, especially the hazardous waste of human waste, as well as waste from them. The farms are forced to leave it forcibly, to turn into a barren land that makes it easier for the occupation to control it.

The center added in a statement, "Perhaps the last year, the year of Corona, was the most prevalent in the occupation attacks on the land and the population and violated the Palestinian environment in a double count than the pace before the year of the Corona, as they took advantage of the commitment of the Palestinians to their homes as a commitment to limit the spread of the epidemic, and the number of solid waste dumpsites has reached More than 388 dumps have been erected on private lands without respect for rights, and the number of exposed sewage floods has reached six permanent, uprooted, destroyed and burned about 96521 Palestinian fruit trees, about 80% of them are olive trees. About 3,830 dunums of Palestinian agricultural land and filled up about 78 water wells or reservoirs, and demolished about 388 houses and facilities.


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