Nine citizens were injured during the occupation´s suppression of a weekly sit-in against settlements in Jerusalem

9 people were injured as a result of the occupation's crackdown on a weekly sit-in denouncing the attempts to displace the people of Sheikh Jarrah in Jerusalem.

The occupying forces suppressed the sit-in with batons, stun grenades and rubber bullets, which resulted in the injury of 9 people, 4 with bullets, and 5 others, when the Israeli police beat them. Among the injured were the representative of the Democratic Front for Peace and Equality in the Joint List, Ofer Kseif, and the photographer of Al-Quds newspaper, Mahmoud Elyan.

The residents of Sheikh Jarrah raised signs that read: (No to the occupation), (We will not leave), (We will remain steadfast in our homes), (It is my right to live in my house with Sheikh Jarrah) and (Suffice injustice and displacement). During the sit-in, drums were beaten and slogans against the occupation were chanted.

The participants called for a halt to the Israeli courts' decisions to evacuate and displace the families of Sheikh Jarrah from their homes in favor of settlement associations, and to support the steadfastness of the neighborhood's residents, stressing that these decisions are political and not legal.

Commenting on the attack, a member of the Knesset said, commenting on the attack, “One of the special police officers punched me in the face, dragged me to the ground and two policemen insulted me. One of them said I do not care whether I am a member of the Knesset or not, adding that this situation will not deter us. This is not the first time. In which I face violent policemen today, tearing my shirt and breaking my glasses, "indicating that" this is the occupation. "

For its part, the Israeli police said in a statement: "In the wake of a protest demonstration in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, Jerusalem Police Chief Doron Targman ordered an investigation into the incident."


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