Gaza "Health": We may resort to bigger closures if the epidemic continues

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza has warned that it may be forced to impose wider closures, in the event that the Corona virus continues to spread in the Gaza Strip, in this way .

The director of Al-Shifa Medical Complex, Muhammad Abu Salmiya, said in a written statement, today, Thursday: "The epidemic situation in the Gaza Strip needs everyone to join hands in order to get out of the danger stage."

He added, "The Ministry of Health is ready to deal with various cases, and there are more than 600 patients visiting respiratory screening centers due to the great openness and breakthroughs, and the community's lack of commitment to safety and prevention measures."

He continued: "All options are on the table, and in the event that the burden becomes large, on the health system and there is a threat to it, we will go to closures and bigger and wider measures."

He pointed out that vaccinations in Gaza are safe and there is no fear of them at all, and the health teams are cohesive, and provide medical care to all patients, and additional beds have been opened to accommodate larger numbers of injured .

He said: "What is destroying the health system in the world as a whole is its ability to deal with critical cases, and today we have reached 243 cases, after we were talking about 180 a week ago."


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