Discovery of a new settlement scheme in Jerusalem

The so-called local planning and reporting committee of the Jerusalem municipality of the occupation authorities will discuss, tomorrow, Wednesday, a plan to expand construction in the designated areas outside the Green Line, specifically the "Har Homa" settlement in the Jabal Abu Ghneim area. Between Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

According to the Hebrew newspaper Haaretz, the committee is expected to approve tomorrow the construction of 540 new settlement units in the area between "Har Homa" and "Givat Hamatos", while another neighborhood with more than 2000 settlement units is expected to be built later in the area. Givat Hamatos.

According to the site, construction in these two areas will effectively isolate the village of Bain Safafa from the rest of the Palestinian areas, in a vision that aims to divide Jerusalem in the future under any agreement with the Palestinians, indicating that this is the first building outside the Green Line during the era of US President Joe Biden.

During the era of former US President Barack Obama, Israel was forced to freeze construction in those areas, and Biden was then Vice President and played a major role in pressuring the Israeli government to prevent construction in 2010, which caused a severe diplomatic crisis after the Jerusalem District Committee approved a plan to establish a neighborhood. New during Biden's visit to Israel at the time.

The construction in Har Homa is particularly sensitive to the US administration and the international community, because one of those neighborhoods was built in the area after the Oslo Accords.

The construction freeze in that area was lifted during the era of Donald Trump, and the process of progress of the plan is accelerating, and the discussion that will take place tomorrow is the penultimate step for practical and final approval.

In response, the left-wing Peace Now movement said that the Jerusalem municipality is acting as an opponent to a government without a mandate, and it continues to sabotage and harm prospects for peace.

"This is another dangerous and destructive building that crosses the Green Line, and indicates to the Biden administration that the face of Israel is not towards peace, and this will lead to unnecessary conflicts," she added.


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