Gaza: Suspension of work in outpatient clinics due to Corona

Muhammad Abu Salmiya, General Director of the Shifa Medical Complex in the Gaza Strip, announced today, Sunday, the suspension of work in outpatient clinics, starting today, and the postponement of non-emergency operations.

Abu Salmiya said in statements to the local Jerusalem radio in Gaza that this decision was taken due to the large numbers recorded in recent days with the Coronavirus, indicating that the number of infected people in the hospital is 60 patients, between a moderate, serious and critical condition.

Abu Salmiya stated that the Gaza Strip is witnessing a societal outbreak of the virus, and there are entire families who have been infected with the virus.

"The situation is difficult, but the health system is working as usual, and all facilities, equipment, oxygen and beds have not witnessed any shortages," he said.

Abu Salmiya denied the existence of any decision to stop sick transfers, which he said were operating normally.


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