Gaza Health: Most of the infections are from new, rapidly spreading mutations

Majdi Dahir, deputy director general of primary care at the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip, said Saturday that most of the infections recorded in recent days are new mutations characterized by rapid spread rather than symptoms.

If residents in the Gaza Strip do not comply with safety and prevention measures, they will be tightened, he said, adding that the measures will be taken based on the epidemiological curve in the coming days.

No cases had been received in hospitals as a result of the vaccine, and no deaths had been recorded as a result of vaccination.

He pointed out that there are three types of vaccines in the Gaza Strip: Pfizer of the United States, Sputnik of Russia and AstraZeneca, pointing out that all vaccines are effective and give a immunity rate of more than 90%, and approved by the World Health Organization.

He said he hoped older people would speed up and take the vaccine, because 95% of deaths in the Gaza Strip were among them.

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