Similar to the human brain. Play the world´s largest supercomputer!

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Experts filled the world's largest computer, which can complete more than 200 million operations in one second, for the first time ever.

The 19.5 million-dollar computer, designed to function as a human brain, was provided with the core part of a million processors this week.

The device  "Spinnaker" can design many models of neurons in real time, more than any other device on the planet.

The supercomputer is to help scientists achieve a better understanding of how neurodegenerative diseases, such as Parkinson's disease, affect the brain.

The researchers of the University of Manchester spent more than 10 years in the design and construction of  "Spinnaker", where each computer chip contains 100 million mobile parts, designed to simulate the functioning of neurons in the human brain.

"We have created a computer that works more like a brain than a traditional computer, which is very exciting," said Prof. Steve Furrir, software scientist. The ultimate goal of the project was a million processors in a single computer for real-time brain modeling applications, and we have achieved it now, which is wonderful  ".

Biological neurons are basic brain cells present in the nervous system, which continue primarily through the transmission of electric power "spikes ". Neural computing uses large-scale computer systems, which contain electronic circuits.

It can be said that  "Spinnamer" is unique because, unlike traditional computers, it is not connected by sending large amounts of information from point A to B, via a standard network. Instead it simulates the huge parallel communication structure of the brain, where it sends billions of small amounts of information, simultaneously to thousands of different destinations.

Computer designers aim to form up to 1 billion biological neurons in real time.

One of the basic uses of the computer is to help neuroscientists better understand how our brain works.

For example, SpiNNaker was used to simulate high-level real-time processing, in a range of isolated brain networks.


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