How does tourism kill animals in Africa?

Gaza _ Agencies

Bodies concerned with animal protection have warned that tourism in southern African countries poses a real threat to the lives of some animals in these countries.

He quoted environmental specialists as saying that some go to Africa to embark on a unique and imagined adventure with some small predators, such as black cubs or Cheetahs and others, and often these animals are in special centers that raise them to expose them to tourists, but the big problem Those centers are throwing animals or firing them into nature after they grow up.

It is dangerous in this process, according to experts, that animals that originated in families do not possess the skills to hunt or live in nature, and, more seriously, they are accustomed to approaching humans, exposing them to be easy victims of fishermen.

The experts pointed to another phenomenon, that some people in Africa are breeding predators specially to allow tourists and fishing lovers to kill them for substantial sums of money.


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