15 years since the first tweet in the history of Twitter

"I created my account on Twitter" ... simple words that he published exactly fifteen years ago, founder of "Twitter" Jack Dorsey in the first tweet in its history, to form a giant network of 190 million daily users that attracts especially Decision makers, journalists, and economists around the world.

In a decade and a half, Twitter became a major name among social networks, but its history was not without controversial stations. The latest of which was the sudden cancellation of the network earlier this year, the account of Donald Trump, which is followed by 88 million subscribers, on charges of inciting violence repeatedly, after his supporters invaded the Capitol headquarters.

This step raised different positions, ranging from praise and condemnation, indicating the difficulty of achieving a balance between neutrality and defending freedom of expression, and the obligations of overseeing the contents that these platforms must adhere to.

Dorsey defended his decision but admitted it constituted a "failure" and a "dangerous" precedent. And at the beginning of this month, the president of the social network, which is based in San Francisco, announced the launch of his first tweets, which he published on March 21, 2006, for sale through the "Valuables" website, which allows those wishing to bid to buy the tweet.

The purchase of a tweet is based on the acquisition of a "unique digital certificate, signed and authenticated by its owner," according to the site's question-and-answer page.

The value of the highest bid to buy the tweet was two and a half million dollars.


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