5 days after the Israeli elections ... A new poll shows the rise of Likud and the decline of its rivals

A new Israeli poll published by the Hebrew channel "Reshet Kan" in its main bulletin, on Thursday evening, showed that the Likud party led by Benjamin Netanyahu is witnessing a new rise in the level of seats, at a time when its closest competitors are retreating.

The Israeli elections will be held on the twenty-third of this month, amid intimate competition, although expectations indicate that the political crisis will remain, and that there are difficulties that the parties will face to form a stable government coalition.

According to the poll, the Likud reached 31 seats, an increase of about two from previous polls, while the "There is a future" party led by Yair Lapid reached 19 seats with less complexity than the last poll.

The New Right party led by Naftali Bennett fell to 9 seats, after it had reached in previous polls 13 seats, while the "New Hope" party led by Gideon Sa'ar also reached 9 seats, although previous polls indicated larger numbers.

According to the poll, the Arab Joint List will win 8 seats, the same for the Shas party, 7 seats for the "United Torah Judaism" party, the same for the "Israel Our Home" party led by Avigdor Lieberman, 5 seats for the Labor Party, the same for the "religious Zionism" party, and 4 for the "Blue-" party. White "led by Benny Gantz, and like Meretz.

The poll shows that several small parties will not exceed the threshold, including the party of Arab MP Mansour Abbas, which split from the Joint List.

The poll shows that the right-wing bloc led by Netanyahu will get 51 seats, and if Bennett joins him, it will reach 60 seats, and if Mansour Abbas’s party exceeds the threshold and joins Netanyahu, it will reach 64 seats, even though the latter had said that it would not include Mansour Abbas to his government.

The opposition to Netanyahu remains 56 seats.


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