Aston Martin plans to introduce two electric cars

 Lawrence Stroll, Executive Chairman of the British luxury car maker Aston Martin, has unveiled the company's intention to launch two electric cars, one of which is a race car and the other in the SUV category.

Motor Trend website said that this announcement is not surprising given Aston Martin's pledge to phase out traditional internal combustion engines by 2030, but it is the details of the two projects that raise eyebrows in light of Aston Martin's record.

Stroll said in statements to the Financial Times that the electric racing car will have a front engine, specifically a copy of the "DB / 11 Vantage", which will be good news for fans of this category because of the tendency of these cars to excite more. As for the electric SUV, it is unclear whether it will be a copy of the DBX or other SUV models produced by Aston Martin. These details will be revealed when the company confirms its plans to produce electric cars.

According to the Financial Times, the two electric cars will be manufactured in Britain, where the SUV class will be manufactured in Wales and the race car in Gaydon. While it is not necessary to indicate specific equipment that will be used in the cars, the DBX is manufactured at the St. Atance plant in Wales and the Vantage and DB11 are manufactured in Gaydon.

Although Aston Martin has run into some hiccups recently, Stroll was optimistic in an interview with the Financial Times and said that all production of the DBX as of next July has been fully sold, which is an indication that the market is hungry for the S-class cars. .at..


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