Gaza: 3 fishermen were killed off the coast of Khan Yunis

Three fishermen from one family were killed and a fourth was injured Sunday morning when an explosion occurred on a small fishing boat "Haska" off the coast of Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip.
Nizar Ayash, the fishermen's captain, said a shell landed on the boat, killing three fishermen on the spot.
According to a medical source, the three martyrs were Yahya Mostafa al-Lahham, Hamdi Hijazi al-Lahham and Zakaria Hijazi al-Lahham, adding that a fourth was seriously injured and was taken to Nasser Medical Complex.
The Ministry of The Interior in Gaza announced that it was investigating the deaths of three fishermen following an explosion in their boat off the Khanyounis Sea.
Israeli-occupied boats fired heavy machine guns at fishermen's boats off the coast of more than one area of the Gaza Strip this morning, although the army denied that it had anything to do with the killing of the three.

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