Confrontations and a march rejecting the establishment of a settlement outpost and the demand for its removal in Deir Jarir

Clashes broke out after Friday prayers today, in the eastern area of deir Jarir village east of Ramallah, with israeli occupying forces, without causing any casualties.
According to local sources, the occupying forces prevented the weekly march, which reached an area near Jabal al-Shorfa east of the village, from the center of Deir Jarir and in which dozens participated in the refusal to establish a outpost on the land of Jabal Al-Shorfa east of the village, which led to clashes there, without causing any casualties.
The residents of Deir Jarir continue their weekly marches, refusing to establish a outpost for months on the land of Jabal al-Shorfa, and insist that they continue their marches until the outpost is removed.

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