The occupation arrests 14 Palestinians from Jerusalem and the West Bank

The occupation forces arrested at least 14 Palestinians at dawn Thursday, from areas in Jerusalem and the West Bank.

And local sources reported that the occupation had arrested the former prisoner, Sheikh Majdi Abu Al-Haija, Ashraf Huwail, and Saif Al-Zaim from the Jenin refugee camp.

The occupation forces also arrested from Nablus, Dr. Muhammad Yahya Salama, the young men Moufid Shehab (28 years), Khaled Nadi Azem (21 years), and Shahir Hashem Kayed (18 years) from the town of Sebastia, north of Nablus.

From Jerusalem, Ahmed Yusef Alyan was arrested from the town of Anata, and from Al-Issawiya, the young men Mutasim Hamza Ubaid, Muhammad Marawun Ubaid, Yazan Ubaid, Ruhi Yasser Al-Jabbar, and Muhammad Hamza Ubaid were arrested.

In Bethlehem, the sources said that the occupation arrested a boy and two men, they are: the former prisoner and activist Ahmed Mahmoud Salah (46 years), the son of his sister Ahmed Hassan Naji Salah (20 years) from the town of Al-Khader, and Tamer Raed Hamamra (16 years) from the village of Husan.


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