Biden: To provide the vaccine against Covid for all adults in America by the end of May

US President Joe Biden announced yesterday that the United States will have sufficient doses of anti-Covid-19 vaccines, by the end of next May.

Biden said in a speech to the American people: "I am pleased to announce that we are on our way to provide sufficient quantities of vaccines for all adults in America by the end of May," that is, two months before the date he previously expected, which is the end of July.

He added, "This is progress. It is important progress, but providing a vaccine is not enough. We need vaccinators, people to put the injection in people's arms, millions of American arms."

Biden stressed that the US administration puts a priority on vaccinating health workers.

He also indicated that his administration is working to activate the Defense Production Act to ensure that the number of doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is safely raised.

The US President stressed the importance of opening schools, and said that he would ensure that measures were taken so that parents would not be concerned about their children returning to school, indicating that he would order vaccination of vaccination workers "with at least one dose" this month.

Biden ended his speech by stressing the need for patience and commitment to wearing masks and social distancing measures "so that the progress we have made does not diminish."

Wearing masks and following preventive measures, such as social distancing, remains controversial, and is divided according to political affiliations in the United States, with many Republican politicians opposing the continuation of the lockdown and the imposition of wearing masks, as Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced on Tuesday that he had decided to lift (withdraw) The mandate for the mask in the state of Texas, and the reopening of schools, restaurants, bars, shops and all public places starting next Wednesday (March 10), although health officials and experts warn that the current month of March will be dangerous, and perhaps catastrophic, especially in southern states such as the state Texas.

Experts insist that the United States needs to hold out for another two or three months without easing COVID-19 measures.

When the executive changes ordered by Texas Governor Abbott come into effect next week, Texas will be the most populous state in the United States that does not require residents to wear masks, and restaurants and other companies can choose to maintain their masks policy, but without a government request. To do that.


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