Israeli occupation forces demolish the façade of a citizen´s house in The Old City of Hebron

 Israeli soldiers today stormed the house of Samira Idris in the Old City of Hebron, demolishing one of the facades of the house without any justification.

The israeli army officers failed to defend the house, feared for its children and refused to vacate the house, so they arrested her and transferred her to the "Kiryat Arba" police station, and she was released only after the intervention of the Legal Office of the Hebron Reconstruction Commission and the payment of bail.

Imad Hamdan, director general of the Hebron Reconstruction Committee, said the house has three orphaned children and their mother, and is located in the neighborhood of Bani Dar, opposite the rest of the Ibrahimi Mosque on the west side, where after the wall was demolished, the house was subject to settler swarms at any time.

Hamdan added: This was not the first raid on this house, it has already been broken several times during the past two months, and the occupying officers asked the owner of the house at the time to evacuate him from the so-called military commander of the area, where the legal office of the Hebron Reconstruction Committee followed up on this matter and an objection was lodged with the competent authorities and is still pending before them.

The attack comes at a time when the occupation is proceeding with its settlement project aimed at displacing Palestinian citizens from their homes in the Old City of Hebron, particularly those located near the Ibrahimi Mosque or houses near the outposts, with the aim of evacuating the area, looting its homes and replacing settlers, and creating demographic communication between the outposts established in the Old City near the Tomb of the Patriarchs.


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