Report: The occupation killed 34 Palestinians in October

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The Jerusalem Center for Israeli and Palestinian studies has said the number of martyrs since the announcement of the Trump Jerusalem  "The capital of Israel" last December to 316, including 34 martyrs, last October.

According to the statistical report prepared by the Center on Thursday, the martyrs of the return marches on the Gaza border increased until the end of September to 204 martyrs, including two journalists, and three members of the medical teams.

During the past month, 34 Palestinians, including 21 martyrs raised during their participation in the return marches on the Gaza border, including eight children, two resistance men during preparation, a martyr during an occupation bombardment of the strip, a captive, and a woman, were martyred during settler attacks in Salfit.

According to the age group, during the confrontations with the occupation in the period following the proclamation of Trump Jerusalem, the capital of the occupying Power, 68 children, aged up to 18 years, including 48 children, rose during the repression of the occupation for the continuing major return on the borders of the Gaza Strip, one of whom was deaf and a child Jenin in the belly of her mother and a martyr child during a rally commemorating the Nakba in the West Bank.

In that period, 9 women rose, 3 during the repression of the occupation of the return marches, including the martyr nurse Razan Najjar (21 years), who rose by the bullets of the occupation in the course of her humanitarian duty to ambulance the wounded east of Khan Yunis, and during the month of October, Mrs. Aisha Al-Rabbi Rose during the settler attack Her family vehicle during their return from the olive harvest season in Salfit.

 Seven prisoners rose after being arrested by the occupying army, raising the martyrs of the captive movement from 1967 to 218, the last of which was the martyr Wissam Abdel Majeed Shalaldeh from Hebron, who was martyred in the occupation prisons.


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