Health: We are experiencing a new and difficult wave of the Corona outbreak

Officials at the Ministry of Health confirmed, today, Thursday, that the governorates of the West Bank are passing these days in a new and difficult wave of the outbreak of the Corona virus.

The ministry's spokesman, Kamal Al-Shakra, told Voice of Palestine Radio, that the new challenge facing the ministry is to combat and contain the new strains spread in the cities of the West Bank.

He pointed out that, until the moment, no infections with the Brazilian strain have been recorded, indicating that there is a widespread spread of the British and South African boom, and that the rate of spread of the virus after recording cases of the mutated strain has reached 20 percent at the level of the country's governorates, and this is a very high number.

He pointed out that the ministry had submitted a recommendation to impose a comprehensive lockdown for a period of two weeks, indicating that the decision would be in the hands of the Supreme Emergency Committee.

"The problem is that society believes that the pandemic has ended and is acting accordingly, and this matter is dangerous," the Ministry of Health spokesman said.

For his part, Naji Nazal, Director General of Hospitals at the Ministry of Health, said that all centers designated for treating people infected with the Corona virus have reached 90 percent of occupancy.

And Nazzal said that the patient's stay in intensive care these days ranges from 4 to 6 weeks, indicating that this constitutes a burden on the centers designated for treatment.

He said, "We do not stand idly by, and we made a recommendation to the prime minister to create new centers and expand existing centers that serve Corona patients."

He added, "In light of non-compliance with the health prevention measures issued by the Ministry of Health, this will increase the burden on the health sector and the country in general."

For his part, Sadiq Al-Khadhour, a spokesman for the Ministry of Education, said that there are cases recorded among students and teachers, but these numbers are limited.

Al-Khadour indicated that each directorate recorded between 40 and 50 injuries among students, while the numbers of teachers' injuries are very limited.

"We pay the tax of general non-compliance with the means of prevention at the community level, and this necessarily affects the educational sector," he said.

He added, "We have suspended attendance at a number of schools in the West Bank, and we are concerned with continuing time, but not at any price, and this is due to the epidemiological situation in every region, and therefore we will make decisions."

"We are fully aware that distance education achieves the continuation of education in emergency situations, and that there are some difficulties involved in this, but through it we are trying to reduce as much as possible the educational loss."


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